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 Chapter - 6.3 Posting Ads (Free Mode)

moderate mode, all posted ads are not automatically displayed on public pages. Instead, they become pending, until approved by administrator or by a user-moderator. The user who posted the ad (if logged), however, may see it immediately by following "My Ads" link at the top navigation bar. During pending status user is able to modify posted ad.

Note: If you granted a "Trust" status to the user in User Manager, then all ads posted by that user bypass the pending status and go online right away.

6.3.1 Ads Duration/Locked Categories

Ads Duration controlled by creating "Duration Schemes". Payment Processor and ads Durations page would allow creating an unlimited number of schemes. Each scheme can have up to 5 ad durations. Essentially the created scheme would build a drop down box at the ad posting page allowing client to select desired ad duration. Each scheme could be linked to any category at any level. That means theoretically each category can have a different ad duration scheme. Created Schemes could be linked to categories from Link to Categories page (the page link is at the top Payment Processor and ads Durations page). If you link a scheme to a Main category, all subcategories below would inherit the scheme settings. However, you can override the inheritance to subcategories by linking a different scheme directly to subcategory.

Each scheme has "Lock" setting (except for the "default" scheme). If "Lock" enabled, then categories to which this scheme linked to, will not appear at the list of available categories while client is posting ads. The "Lock" works only at the Main category level. If you lock a main category, but then linked a different scheme (with "Lock" off) to the subcategory under this category, then this subcategory would still be locked.

Note: Moderators can still post ads in locked categories. This is convenient if you would like to have exclusive posting rights to some categories. Justpromote your own account to Editor / Moderator status in User Manager.

6.3.2 Submitting

The only mandatory fields for the ad post are subject and body of the ad. The rest of the information is optional. The category and subcategory of the ad cannot be changed after the ad is posted.
Your users can attach up to 10 images to the ad by uploading images to your server. The default limit is 400x400 pixels and 5 images per ad. You can however change this limit from "Admin Preferences". The picture automatically scaled with the correct height/width proportion when displayed on ad view page and displayed in full size in a popup window when clicked on the thumb. When ad is submitted, two Emails are sent out: confirmation to the user and notification to the Admin. If user edits the ad after submission and that ad was already approved, the ad will stay approved, but administrator will receive a notification regarding ad modification.

Images can be modified either by administrator or by the ad author. Ad author may change attached images but will stay within the limit of initially selected images. This means if a user initially selected and attached 3 images, then no more than 3 image may be reattached to the ad (in case of image replacement). If a user however selected 3 images to attach but actually attached 1 image, he/she can still attach remaining 2 images later on after the ad has been submitted by navigating to "Images" management page from full ad view page.

There are two resizing and two uploading methods for image attachments. Pure ASP Upload and ASPUpload (from Persists software) are 2 methods for uploading images. ASPUpload provides slightly better performance utilizing less server memory (for large uploaded images). ASPJpeg and ASP.NET are 2 methods for image resizing. ASPJpeg (from Persists software) is a third party component, while ASP.NET is a Microsoft programming language available on all of the Windows web-hosting servers.

For both resizing methods a text-over-image (watermark) could be configured at the misc. configuration admin page (see chapter 1.2 of this manual).
In addition, a small thumb created for each uploaded image. The thumb dimension is 100x100 px., and it is used on all ads list pages. The benefit of using thumbs is to greatly reduce bandwidth utilization and faster page load.

Note: Administrator cannot post an ad unless logged in with a regular user account.

6.3.3 Activation

Ad activated via "Pending Ads" admin page by an Administrator or by a moderator. If there is at least one pending ad, the "Pending Ads" icon at the admin tasks selection page is green. Ad also activated right from the full ad view page, when opened from pending ads list. After ad activation, an Email sent to the user about the ad status change.

Note: While ad activated, the submission date reset to the date it was activated and expiration date is extended to reflect proper ad duration.

At the full ad view page administrator could extend or withdraw the ad duration.

If you decide, that ad is not appropriate for the classified, you could immediately delete it. No Email sent to users when ad deleted.

Note: Once Admin logged in, the delete, and edit links are available next to every ad on the board on every page where the ad displayed. Furthermore, when viewing the full ad view page and clicking on a name of poster, admin taken directly to User Manager.

6.3.4 Expiration

All ads automatically expire and taken offline but not deleted. Automatic Expiration of the ads occurs as following. If for instance there are six ads due to expire on a given date. All six ads would expire and be taken offline, when first 6 users hit the default page on that day (one ad per user). The process controlled by cookies. When the first user navigates to the default page after midnight, the expiration list for that day is getting checked. If there are ads to expire in the list, then no more than one ad would expire with the hit (to eliminate a page load delay). The same happened when second user visited default page... and so on, until all ads for that day taken offline. When there are no more ads to expire for that day, the scheduler triggered to standby mode.

Users whose ads are expired, receive notification Email and advised to Repost. At this point, the ad could be reposted by the logged user or by administrator (not recommended). Users may view their expired ads via "MyAds" link. Administrator may view all expired ads via "Expired Ads" link at the admin tasks page. From there admin may repost/delete individual ads, or choose to delete old expired ads, which are older than selected from the drop-down box time-frame.

Important note about reposting ads by admin: While administrator may repost expired ads, it is not generally recommended. Ads reposted by admin go online without charging original posted (in Credits Mode). Furthermore, in Package Mode, ads reposted by admin may expire the next day after going online. That is because expiration of ads in Package Mode directly tides with user package. If user, for whom admin is reposting an ad, has an expired package, then ad would expire during the next scheduled expiration.

6.3.5 Disabling

Ads could be disabled by Administrator/Moderator or by User who originally posted an ad. The Disable/Enable link viewable at the full ad view page while Administrator/Moderator/Ad Owner logged in. Disabling an ad makes it invisible for visitors and ad is not counted in category/subcategory ad list.
Disabled ads are not expired by default although they can be viewed in the "Expired & Disabled Ads" off the admin page. However if the disabled ad has been enabled after the date it supposed to be expired, this ad would be active only until the end of the day, when the expiration scheduler triggered.

Note: Usersmay delete their own ads. To monitor this type of activity enable "Ads Deleted" event in "Event Configuration"

6.3.6 Moving

Administrator could move ads between categories. The Move link appears to admin at the full ad view page. Bulk ads move between categories also possible. See chapter 6.4 > Moving ads.


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