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 Chapter - 6.2 Multiple Accounts Detection

The system does not prevent multiple accounts registration (from the same IP Address)but rather tries to detect it and notify you if such an event took place. This is done by monitoring IP address of the user who creates an account and login to the system.

To enable multiple accounts notification, login to admin page, go to "Admin Preferences", check "Detect multiple accounts" box and save changes. The IP logging is done regardless of the "Detect multiple accounts" check box status. However, when multiple accounts notification enabled, the admin will receive an email with the list of accounts in question. The IP detection works as following:

Each time user creates an account or logs to the system, users’ current IP address is logged and stay in user accounts properties (you can view the last Logon Date and Last Logon IP address from User Manager if you click on the button with user account number). At the same time, users’ current IP address compared to ALL other IP addresses recorded for ALL users in database. If the match found, the notification Email with all matched account IDs and Email addresses sent to admin. It is essential to understand that most of the users on the internet assigned a dynamic IP addresses from providers. Therefore, the same user might have different IP address each time user access the internet. Moreover, user can simply create a new account from different computer or simply use a public proxy server. That is why there is no guaranty that all abusers would be caught by the system.

The catch is that a fresh IP address logged each time user logged on. Eventually user might login to the second account on the same day with the same IP address exposing him to the system. Notification sent to you immediately. The advice is: NEVER delete a second account. Simply suspend it from User Manager effectively preventing this Email Address to be ever used on your classified again.

Tip: Before suspending user account, conduct an investigation. Some providers such as an AOL are using proxy servers to connect users to the internet. So that two different users might appear to be connected from the same IP address. In such a case, first make sure the IP address is a proxy server IP. From the command prompt, resolve the IP address to either host name by "ping -a IP_Address" or do "nslookup". The host name is usually gives you the clue about the host being a proxy server. You also may want to look at the other of users properties such as nick, city, and posted ads pattern. In other words, suspend user if you are sure user have more than one account. But then again it is up to you how to setup multiple account policies and whether or not to implement it at all.

Note: If you logged to the system as an Administrator and login to some user account at the same time, the IP address will not be recorder in that account properties.

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