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 Chapter - 6.1 User Accounts

6.1.1 User Registration and Login

During Email verification mode, a verification code emailed to user (in register free mode user can post as soon as account is created). Once user verified, the account activated automatically. User can be activated, suspended or deleted by an administrator at any time via User Manager. Once user verified and logged to the system, the user nick displayed at the top navigation bar. Users may update any of their information supplied during registration at any time. However if they changed an Email in Verification mode, the account status changed to "Not Verified". Users can logon to the system and verify Email, but they cannot post until new Email is verified. As admin, you can suspend any user at any time. Once users are suspended they cannot logon, and the message let them know account status - "Suspended".

Via User Manager Admin can change users Email List status (meaning whether or not user will receive News Letters), view all ads posted by a particular user, filter users accounts to display and search for a particular account by Email, Nick, Location or IP Address.

Note: The user password cannot be viewed by anyone including administrator. Password is stored one way MD5 encrypted. If user forgets the password, a new, generated password would be sent to user. You can however logon as any user to the board if you click user Nick within User Manager.

6.1.2 User Optional Fields

You can assign up to 7 optional fields to user accounts. The optional fields would appear at the account registration form. Within the Admin Preferences page specify optional field names. Optionally assign appropriate "Option sets" to the field and/or make it searchable. For details about creating/modifying "Option Sets" see chapters 2.3 and 2.3

There is a feature however specific to user optional fields (compare to ad optional fields). Normally all user optional fields are presented on ad posting page and recorded within ad record in database for the purpose of search and displaying user information within ad body without necessity to pull user information on full ad view page. Exc. box next to User Option on Admin Preferences page if checked, would Exclude this option from displaying at the ad posting page and consequently within ad view page. Great for hiding options, where some user information is intended for administrator only.

6.1.3 Moderators

You may promote any user to Editor /Moderator status from User Manager. User-Moderator may assist you with ads management - edit/approve/delete. However, moderator cannot logon to admin page and access any of the admin pages except for the pending ads. A link to pending ads will appear next to User-Moderator nick at the bottom nav. bar, once they logged to the system.

6.1.4 Trusted users

You may apply a Trusted status to any user from User Manager. Trusted user status applies only, when classified running in Moderated Mode. Ads posted by Trusted users bypass Pending status and go online right away.

6.1.5 Global Operations

There are number of global operations may be performed for user accounts and ads. Go to admin page Global Account Manager. Most of the operations are self explanatory.

  • Reset Credits - Takes out credits from all user accounts.
  • Add Credits - Adds or subtracts (by selecting a negative values) credits to or from all user accounts.
  • Delete Accounts - Removes user accounts, which have not been accessed for certain period of time (inactive accounts). Note: only accounts, which do not have ads associated with, would be removed.
  • Apply Package - Applies specified package to all user accounts.
  • Fix Ads Count - This relates to ads count per category. Once in a while the count may become inaccurate for some categories due to server outage during various operations. This button fixes the ads count at your board.
  • Compact Database (Available for classified running with MS Access database). See chapter 13
  • Conversion Tools (Available for classified running with SQL database). See chapter 12
  • Move Ads - See chapter 6.4
  • Remove Ads - See chapter 6.4
  • Clean Sweep - See chapter 6.4
  • Lock the site – See the next section
  • At the bottom of the page, there is a link, which allowsdownloading all user accounts data in .csv format.


6.1.6 Lock/Unlock the site

At the Global Account Manager admin page, there is an option to lock the site from visitors.

Locking the site useful for the time of site maintenance or when performing certain tasks, which take up a great deal of server resources. This would benefit both - to the site administrator and visitors.

Locking the site recommended for the following events:

  • While using Conversion Tools to Backup/Restore database.
  • Sending newsletters (if you have a great number of user accounts).
  • Performing Category administration (adding/removing categories optional fields ..etc).
  • Creating SiteMaps (if you expect rather great number of links in the map).
  • While Compacting MS Access Database.
  • Executing any other Task from Global Manager (and have a great number of ads and/or user accounts).

It is also recommended to execute any of the tasks above during the nighttime or off-pick hours. Specifically if the traffic at the site quite substantial.

When clicking "Lock the site" button, all current visitors banned from the site with custom prompt, which you could specify at the "Message to Visitors" box. Text inserted into the box could be a full featured HTML page content (with valid code) or a simple text message.

While classified is locked, only administrator could freely browse the site (after logging to admin page). If during the site lock you have logged out of the site, then there is only one page is available for access – admin_logon.asp page (or the respective admin logon page specified in config.asp configuration file). Navigate to this page, logon as admin and have the site available to you.

Note: If you logged in as admin from 2 or more browsers, cleared sessions (see below) from one of the browsers and then locked the site, then even if you would be logged out as admin at other browsers, the site would not be locked for them.

Clearing Sessions

Another option at this section is to delete all current user sessions with "Clear Sessions" button. After clicking this button all logged in visitors are logged out (except for yourself as being admin and those users, who have checked "Remember me" while logging in). Clearing sessions might be proper if you have done some major amendments to site structure in relation to Categories or optional fields after locking the site.

List of current sessions opens in another window by clicking "List Sessions". This is an informative page, where you could view who is currently browsing the site (or rather, who has been at the site in the past 2 hours).

Note: Sessions for the most known Search Engines not created.


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