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 Chapter - 5.8 Backup/Restore Templates

Backup/Restore could only be used with following types of templates:

True Content Pages
Header/Footer Inclusive Pages
Side Bars Advert. Pages
Custom Inclusive Page Templates

Templates such as Header/Footer Inclusive and Side Bars Advert. Pages are critical to the content. Because those templates are included into all pages at your RC installation, a slight error in ASP/HTML code might display an error on all of your pages. This might be specifically harmful if you are editing a "Live Site" while clients are browsing your site.


Because Content Management page itself does not include header/footer and side bars, it is not susceptive to errors, which might occur at the site if an invalid code is included into templates. To recover fast from global error at the site caused by an invalid code inserted into templates follow the guidelines:

  • While editing a template, make sure to save it frequently.
  • Each time you saved a template with "Save Template" button, navigate to main site page and make sure it is loading without any errors. Better yet, have another browser window opened for a quick confirmation.
  • After you verified that the main page is loaded without errors, go back to Content Management page and click "Backup" button. At this point, a backup page is created/updated for the selected template. Use "Backup" button only after you verified that last saved template contain a valid code and does not cause any errors.
  • If main page loads with an error cause by modifications to the edited template and you would like to revert changes, then go back to Content Management page and click "Restore" button. Previously backed up copy of the selected template would override the content of current template, where the error was made.

Note: Certain Email and Page Content templates could also be restored. See Setup_Manual.pdf for the recovery routine.

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