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 Chapter - 5.6 Side Bars Advert. Pages

WYSIWYG and Edit Area CAN be used with Side Bars Advert. Pages. ASP code CAN be used. Only reference to Template is Stored in Database. Actual pages are stored in "Content" Folder. New Templates cannot be created. Templates cannot be deleted. Backup/Restore is available.

Side Bar advertising content enabled at "Side Bars Content & Geometry" Administrative page. See also chapter 5.9 for the complete reference.

left_advert1-5 templates render content for the 5 left Side Bars boxes. right_advert1-5 templates render content for the 5 right Side Bars boxes.

While placing content into the template, make sure your content do not stretch the bounding box.
Note: To prevent a global error display throughout the entire site when an invalid ASP code is inserted into side bar content templates, an error handling routine is automatically inserted into the template when it's saved. Say you inserted some invalid ASP code into the side bar template, which would normally produce an error taking your entire site down. But instead affected side bar box would display an error description keeping your site intact.
The error handling does not intercept compilation syntax errors though. The code like:
<%= Display_RSS("CNN_News" %>
would still produce a compilation error.
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