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 Chapter - 5.5 Header/Footer Inclusive Pages

NO WYSIWYG can be used (but Edit Area can) with Header/Footer Inclusive Pages. ASP code CAN be used. Only reference to Template is Stored in Database. Actual Inclusive pages are stored in "Content" Folder. New Templates cannot be created. Templates cannot be deleted. Backup/Restore is available.

WARNING: All Inclusive pages are critical to content. A slight error in HTML/ASP code inside inclusive template page can result in error displayed on entire Rapid Classified installation. If you are not sure the code you are about to insert is valid, then do not insert it at all (Specifically if your site is live). Use "Backup/Restore" buttons to backup inclusive templates before making major changes and restore in case of error in HTML or ASP code. Normally, most of the site content managed via other types of templates and "Main Page Configuration" Administrative page. Editing most of the Header/Footer inclusive templates requires some knowledge in HTML/ASP and intended for Power Users.

Header/Footer Inclusive templates dynamically included in header.asp or footer.asp. Converting some parts of the header/footer combined with other content management tools gives you almost total control over the site appearance right from the Content Management page. Listed below is a description for each Header/Footer Inclusive Page:

copyright (footer.asp)

You may remove/replace a copyright information at the bottom of your RC site using this template.

menu_top_xl (header.asp)

This template renders a top navigation table for the entire RC site including a main menu as well as menu appearing when user logs in to the board. Use this template whenever you need to insert a new URL links into the top menu. There are 2 rows in main menu where link can be inserted. First/Second row menus are marked with MAIN MENU FIRST ROW and MAIN MENU SECOND ROW. HTML syntax for the standard URL link here might look like:

<a class="xl-menu-links" href="somepage.asp">Link Text</a>

menu_bottom (footer.asp)

This template renders a bottom links for the entire RC site. HTML syntax for the standard URL link here might look like:

<a class="hlinks" href="somepage.asp">Link Text</a>

head_meta (header.asp)

Here is your chance to add meta-tags, custom java scripts into a header or your site. Anything you inserted here would be rendered between <head></head> tags on your entire RC site.

logo_table (header.asp)

This template used to modify logo/banner/ticker table at the top of RC site. For more information see chapter 3.3 of this manual.

inc_top_search (header.asp)

Note: Managing this template only recommended for Power Users.

Template renders top search block. Search result displayed at the advanced search page.

left_portal/right_portal (header.asp/footer.asp)

Note: Managing this template only recommended for Power Users.

Left/Right Portal bars content primarily managed via "Main Page Configuration" Administrative page. If you would like to gain more control of portal bars appearance, you may modify left_portal/right_portal templates. Here you can move individual portal boxes from left to right template and vice versa. You can also add more boxes on the fly and insert desired content into those boxes. Look for comments inside templates.

left_side_bar/right_side_bar (header.asp/footer.asp)

Note: Managing this template only recommended for Power Users.

The only purpose this template is included to inclusive templates list, is to control the bounding box appearance in Side Bars. Normally each Side Bars boxes content appears inside a standard bounding box. You can however display a bare side box content. To enable a bare content format for some or all side bars boxes, place a comment sign ['] in front of the [Call Build_Box_...] functions surrounding each box content.

Here is an example of code modification for box 1 on the left side bar:

If Len(advArray(10)) > 0 then
'Call Build_Box_Top(advArray(23), advArray(11), advArray(10))
'Call Build_Box_Bottom(advArray(10))
End If

Use similar technique to modify other boxes on the right or left side bars. For the Side Bars content templates see next chapter.

Note: The preview at Side Bars Content & Geometry page would still display "boxed" content even if you enabled bare format for your side bar boxes.

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