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 Chapter - 5.3 News Letter Templates

WYSIWYG or Edit Area CAN be used with News Letter Templates. No ASP code can be used. Template Content is Stored in Database.

There are four default News Letter templates. If you wish periodically send news letters to your users, here is your chance to customize them. When you finish News Letter customization, you may enter News Letter page and preview your work. Click "Test Email" to send chosen template to yourself. When you click "Email News Letter", you are sending current template to ALL users who agreed (while creating account) to receive announcement.
There is one variable can be used in template. :topN: if included into newsletter would render top new ads posted. The number of ads would be gathered from [N], which should be replaced with the actual number. The example of valid use of this variable :top5: - would display 5 latest ads posted at your classified.
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