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 Chapter - 5.2 Page Content Templates

WYSIWYG or Edit Area CAN be used with Page Content Templates. No ASP code can be used. Template Content is Stored in Database.

Page Content Templates are used to build "Terms of Use" , "News" and some others at your site. In addition, the Main_Page_Center and Custom1-6 used to build a default.asp page and custom portal bars content.

To add a new template, select a template type at the bottom of the page (Page Content in this case), fill template name field, description, subject and body. Subject is not relevant to this template type but should be filled anyway (you may duplicate description to subject field). Build an HTML content with WYSIWYG (or without). To create a new page for the new Page Content template you just built do the following:

1. Open "terms.asp" in an editor.
2. Modify the first line of the code: [templateName = "Terms_of_Use"] (replace "Terms_of_Use" with newly created Page Content template name.
3. Save term.asp as a new page and upload it to Rapid Classified location.
4. Create a link to this page in header or footer. (See menu_top/menu_bottom templates in [Header/Footer Inclusive Pages] section)

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