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 Chapter - 5.1 Email Templates
NO WYSIWYG or Edit Area can be used with Email Templates. No ASP code can be used. Template Content is Stored in Database.

You have pretty much customized Email templates. You may select a template from a selector box, customize it and save. All Emails are sent as Text formatted, therefore do not use HTML tags. There are number of variables you can include in the Subject and Body of the Email. Those variables will be substituted at the time Email is sent. For instance :uNick: will be substituted with an appropriate user nick name to whom the Email is intended to be sent.


For Power Users

New Email Templates can be added at the bottom of the Content Management page. Fill template name field, description, subject and body. Click "Create New"
Note: In order to utilize a new Email Template, the actual event and procedure should be already coded and in place. The Email is sent as:

<% Dim uSubject, uBody
Call getTemplate("template_name", Empty, Empty, nick, Empty, adID)
Call sendEmail(
"destination_email", notify_email, uSubject, uBody) %>
nick - is a user name gathered from database (optional).
adID - is an ad ID gathred from database (optional).
"destination_email" - is a receiver email address gathered from database or notify_email/admin_email variables if sending email to yourself.
If sending to user email address gathered from user account, address must be base64 decoded.
Example: [CryptText(rs("email"), key, True)] (mandatory).
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