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 Chapter - 5.0 Content Management
Most of the content management can be performed by a person with light HTML skills. Some templates (such as header/footer inclusive pages) however, contain an ASP code. Managing those templates would require at least a basic understanding of an ASP code structure and blocks. Power Users (this term is references to someone with moderate to advanced HTML/ASP skills) can take an advantage of writing ASP code online, insert custom functions directly into templates and build dynamic content on the fly.
Enter Content Management page HERE.

Content Management equipped with "Innova Studio" WYSIWYG HTML editor and "Edit Area" code editor (both are third party products). "Edit Area" is a replacement to standard HTML [textarea] box, while "Innova Studio" is full featured HTML editor.

General Guidelines
  1. Avoid using Opera Browser with Content Management page.
  2. Make sure HTML code is valid.
  3. Innova Studio WYSIWYG works with IE, Netscape, FireFox.
  4. Certain Templates can accept ASP code. Make sure to insert a valid code. Invalid code may result in displaying error on ALL RC pages. Use Backup/Restore buttons to recover from errors (see "Backup/Restore Templates" chapter).
  5. Never delete/edit pages in "Content" folder directly. Always use Content Management page.
  6. To avoid page expiration, do not logon to admin page from another browser window while working with Content Management page (use Admin Tasks link from within Content Management page).
  7. For proper display of "True" Content pages you must set a proper Site URL in Admin Preferences. If your site was moved, Site URL should be reset and each "True" Content Page template should be selected and saved by clicking "Save Template".
  8. If you set 2 boards to share database, then [Header/Footer Inclusive Pages] and [Side Bars Advert]. Pages must be maintained separately on each board. Moreover, the ["True" Content Pages] cannot be utilized on a slave board.
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