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 Chapter - 3.3 Logo

The Logo for classified could be easily modified. Create your logo image, upload it into "img" folder, open "config/config.asp" in an editor and modify variable "logo" in configuration section:

logo = "img/your_logo_image"

If you have a .png image as a logo, then alternatively to the method above, rename your logo image to logo.png and upload into "img" folder overriding the existed logo image. In this case, you do not need to modify "config/config.asp" page.

Additional logo area customization could be done by editing logo_table template in Content Management. Below some more information related to logo_table template customization.

The overall height of logo area block, depends on logo image height. Logo serves as a spacer.

The line, which actually renders a logo:

<a href="<%= web_site %>"><img src="<%= logo %>" class="absbottom" alt="<%= web_name %>" border="0"></a>

If you are not familiar with ASP, then amending this line is not recommended. Change the logo with the method describes at the beginning of this chapter.

If you must change the logo image code, then replace the line above with the plain HTML code. In which case, the link, image source, and an [alt] tag would no longer be populated with ASP.


<a href="default.asp"><img src="img/somelogo.jpg" class="absbottom" alt="My Classified" border="0"></a>

At the top of the template, there is a variable:

displayTicker = True

It tells to display a ticker below the logo block. If you need to switch the ticker off, then set variable to False:

displayTicker = False

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