Rapid Classified 3.2c (ADMIN DEMO)
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Number of ads to display:
Display Full Ad Description:
Restrict to Hot Ads:
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Note: XML feed (xmlfeed.asp) burner is not installed by default. See "Extras/XML Feed" folder within RC distribution package.
RSS Feeds Configurations [config/rss_config.asp]
(1) Limit ads body characters:
(2) Default number of Ads:
(3) Limit number of Ads to:
(4) Content Encoding:
(5) Display Logo:
(6) Custom logo:
(7) Time Zone:
  1. Number of characters from Ad Description to display. Relevant only if the "Display Full Ad Description" in links builder above set to "NO".
  2. Number of ads to display by default. Relevant only if the "Number of ads to display" within the links builder above is not specified.
  3. Never display more than specified number of ads. This limit overrides the "Number of ads to display" within the links builder above.
  4. Set appropriate content encoding for the RSS feed.
  5. Choose to display logo. Logo file information gathered from [logo] variable specified in [config/config.asp].
  6. If you choose to include logo, which is other than specified in [config/config.asp], then specify image file name here. Image must be uploaded into [img] folder at the site. Example: someimage.jpg where someimage.jpg exists in [img] folder.
  7. Specify time zone. Represented with + or - [hour:minute] offset from GTM (Greenwich Meridian Line or Greenwich Meantime). Example: If classified serves in West Coast US, then choose GMT - 08:00