Rapid Classified 3.2c (ADMIN DEMO)

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Type Date IP Address Description User Admin
User Logon Denied12/20/2018 8:35:29 PM46.229.168.136User Access Denied: - Account Not Found. Account: =Yes
User Logon Denied12/16/2018 4:51:43 AM46.229.168.154User Access Denied: - Account Not Found. Account: =Yes

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Note: The Events log is self-maintained. Events data is cleared when older than 3 month. Expiration occurs when you access this page at list once every 3 month. To modify this value, edit this page and indicate desired number of days before event is expired in a variable: RemoveAfter = 90

* You may select a filter and/or search string and/or sort order and then make a query against events stored in database. If you specify a search string, then the "Description", "User" and "IP Address" fields will be searched for the specified string. You may search for a particular user name, Ad ID, IP address... etc. Search type is an "Exact Phrase". Click RESET to revert all fields to the default values and display all stored events.